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Pressure Washing, Power Wash

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Pressure Washing, Power Wash

#1 Pressure Washing, Power Wash

America's best pressure washing and power wash experts providing their services for commercial and residential structures.

Not only can AJ Services maintain the inside of your building and keep it spotless, we offer services that help maintain the outside of your facility as well. The outside entrance of your building, which consists of the sidewalk leading up to the front door, is one of the first things visitors see upon entering your facility. The best time to get your pressure washing done is in the spring, after the harsh winter months. The combined buildup of salt and other debris, as well as concrete deterioration make it necessary for your sidewalks to be routinely pressure washed in order to maintain their freshness. Pressure washing can drastically change the fa├žade of a commercial structure by making t feel like a brand new building, as well as appear more professional and well kempt, leaving visitors with a positive first impression. Allow AJ Services to keep your building looking professional, both inside and out with our Pressure Washing Services.

Some of the pressure washing service areas we service:

  • Sidewalks
  • Commercial building walls
  • Concrete shop floors
  • Warehouse floors
  • Residential Real Estate driveways and sidewalks, etc.