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If you are looking to hire a cleaning company, the deciding factor will probably be the cost provided in the quote. Generally speaking, if you are looking for hourly services, commercial cleaning companies will charge anywhere between $20 to $30 an hour. If you are looking to get a quote based off of an X amount of services per month, you will probably be charged by square foot, which can range anywhere from 5 to 55 cents. Usually, the larger the office, the lower the cost per square foot. AJ Services provides the best competitive and reasonable prices based on current economy, while being the only commercial cleaning company providing a free and accurate cleaning quote to get started. We provide quotes for all your janitorial services needs by utilizing our skills, expertise, and many years of experience. AJ Services guarantees to deliver a quick, complimentary cleaning quote after receiving a few basic pieces of information, such as facility type, square footage, and frequency. Commercial Facility and Building Cleaning Services Quote.