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Request a free quote for commercial cleaning services to include offices, schools, day-cares, universities, hotels, restaurants, dealerships, bowling alleys, commercial and industrial facilities.

Free online commercial cleaning quote request form below. Our reasonable rates set us apart from other commercial cleaning companies that charge way too high or too low, ultimately compromising quality of services performed. Some would argue that reliability is the core principal between a customer and their cleaning company, which is why we pride ourselves in the ability to provide quotes for cleaning services in a professional and timely manner. If an online request form is filled out, we typically respond within 48 hours. The average cost of commercial cleaning rates range from $0.08-$0.25 per square foot, with an average of $0.11 per square foot. However, offices that are larger in size (over 40,000 sq ft) may reduce the cleaning rates to $0.07 per square foot. Generally, the larger the office space is, the lower the price per square foot is.

[2021] Janitorial Services Cost:
  • Rate Per Sq. Ft: $.09 - $.15 sq. ft
  • Price Per Hour: $25.00 - $55.00 an hour

  • Main Office Cleaning Cost Factors:
  • Facility square footage
  • Frequency of services per week
  • # and size of the bathrooms
  • Facility flooring type
  • Additional services requested