Commercial Cleaning Services - Get A Quote!

Get professional online cleaning quote for all your janitorial services needs. AJ Services prides itself on being the only cleaning company able to provide a 100% FREE and accurate cleaning quote. Our reasonable rates set us apart from other companies that charge way too high or too low, ultimately compromising quality of services performed. Some would argue that reliability is the core principal between a customer and cleaning company, which is why we pride ourselves in the ability to provide cleaning quotes in a professional and timely manner. If an online request form is filled out, we typically respond within 48 hours. With over 20 years of experience in cleaning commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, dealerships, schools, condominiums, etc. we recognize certain areas and detail points that are often overlooked. Our skills, expertise, and many years of services allow us to provide customers with reasonable and highly detailed proposals that differ us from other companies.