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Dealership Cleaning Services

Comprehensive Dealership Cleaning Services

Reputation is important, it’s what circles around the world as we know it. So, if the first thing your customers see when entering your facility are finger print stained glass windows, cobwebs in the corners, and dirt all over the floor, chances are your reputation wont be a good one. There’s also a chance the customer might walk back out that door. However, AJ Services provides each of its customers with a unique and individualized scope of work to fit every facilities needs, no matter how big or small.There are plenty of other areas in a dealership that could leave customers leaning on the edge, such as the waiting room/area. A clean space allows customers to gather their thoughts and discuss the real thing they came to figure out: which car to buy, instead of being distracted by the amount of dust on the tv screen or ledges, or the stains on the counter and floor from spilled coffee and snacks.

Nightly dealership cleaning services included in specifications:

  • Trash disposal
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Breakroom cleaning
  • Showroom cleaning
  • Service bay areas floors scrubbing
  • Service floors scrubbing
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Floor care
  • High dusting
  • Exterior windows cleaning
  • Waiting areas, showrooms and more
  • Comprehensive Nightly Delarship Cleaning Services

    Professional dealership cleaning services provided for over two decades by reliable commercial cleaning company. Since a dealership is a multi-function facility that includes areas such as the showroom, office spaces, service bays, waiting areas, bathrooms, etc., it is important to keep all of these areas clean to represent your dealership in the best way possible. Every company has a reputation to uphold, and a clean facility is one way to win over the loyalty of customers. AJ Services guarantees you the latter! Your customers will never have to worry about using a dirty bathroom or being distracted from buying their dream car because of dust bunnies roaming the showroom floor like tumbleweeds dancing in the wind of the Sahara Desert. However, first things first, the first impression. The first thing a customer sees when entering a facility could be the make or break opinion they have of your dealership.